Support top UK creative agency Cogent Elliott in a promotional tour for client Baxi. The event was to engage the target audience of trade customers and installers at multiple trade centre locations across England. The objective was to drive audiences to the events, engage them with the Baxi product and brand experience, encourage a switch to the Baxi boiler product, and sign them up to the Rewards programme.

What we did:

In partnership with Cogent, we developed a football themed roadshow taking place in the lead up to the World Cup. This involved 39 merchant branches in 39 days. Building on the excitement and ‘buzz’, around the World Cup, we delivered the ‘Golden Boot Challenge’ – a programme of incentives and rewards that ‘kicked off’ with a practical football challenge at each location, and a national goal scoring competition. The event was supported by an online fantasy football element and data capture opportunities both online and onsite at events, managed by our team of promotional staff. We were also responsible for managing a range of merchandise including world cup wall-planners, in addition to the staffing, logistics, vehicles and livery, and branded temporary structures. We also supported event promotion including in-branch PoS displays and direct mail.

“Thank you for all your help in making sure this event ran to plan, and for your support in problem-solving along with way! The enthusiasm and reliability of your event staff at each location was fantastic and they went a long way to energy and build relationship with the audiences.”
Jemma Townsend, Account Director, Cogent Elliott.